Our Story

My name is Linda Park, photographer and owner of Photographic Journey.  I remember the first camera my parents got me in junior high – a pink Kodak 110 with a telephoto lens.  I have always loved taking pictures and equally enjoy looking back at them.  Photographs capture our best experiences and allow us to enjoy and share those precious memories with future generations.  There is no better way to tell a life story than through photography.

My studio is the great outdoors or your indoor venue of choice. Whether you need photos for your website, advertising materials, office or family room wall, I look forward to working with you!

My goal is to provide you with an enjoyable, fun experience in a comfortable place taking the pictures you want in a setting that feels like the perfect place for you.

With the help and support of my incredible family, I welcome the opportunity to share this journey with you while I provide you with lasting memories that you can enjoy for years to come.

Thank you for visiting Photographic Journey!

Featured Photographer – March 27, 2016 Longmont Compass

National Geographic Your Shot
Contributing Photographer since May 2016

Longmont Humane Society Volunteer Photographer since June, 2016

Participant in Winter Light exhibit at The Darkroom – December 2016

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