My first exposure to a camera was my hot pink Kodak 110 with a telephoto lens when I was about ten years old. I loved that little thing and took it everywhere. That was of course in the day of film so you never knew what you were getting until you had it developed. I progressed over the years to a small digital Kodak pocket camera and then to my Sony digital point and shoot. I still have that camera and my granddaughter Lily uses it whenever we hike together. She's a natural! A friend then gave me a Nikon 3200 and that was a whole new world for me. I did my research, watched a lot of you-tube videos, took several classes and got some one-on-one instruction from a professional portrait and a professional wildlife photographer. I wanted more so I bought a Nikon D7200, several more lenses and here I am! I am an avid hiker and feel my best when I'm outside.

 My family moved to Colorado from Michigan in 2012 and I absolutely love it here! I started my business in 2016, have some amazing repeat families that I photograph at least once a year, have been published in the Longmont Magazine and Colorado Outdoors in 2017, 2018 and 2020. I have volunteered at the Longmont Humane Society taking photographs of the adorable dogs for their website and advertising brochures. My work has been shown and sold in several local establishments in Longmont including Ziggi's and the Great Frame Up. I am also a member of the Longmont Artist Guild.

I do not have a studio other than the great outdoors so you name your spot and I'll be there. I keep my prices low so everyone can have an opportunity to look at their favorite place or animal or have their family frozen in time for all eternity. And don't forget those fur babies! I love photographing dogs! They have the best expressions and the most to say with just a look.

If you have been wanting to have photos done, but don't have a location in mind or don't think you can afford it, please give me a call. I'm very flexible and we'll work it out. It's that important to me that you are able to keep looking back at your photos and smile for years to come!

Call me at 231-590-1652 or email at
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